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Video, audio and photos from the radio station
that rocked your world in the '50's and '60's!

Growing up... 
    I had the good fortune to live on both Coasts and occasionally visit relatives inbetween. Over the years I listened to WABC, WMCA and WWDJ in New York, WIBG and WFIL in Philadelphia, 13Q in Pittsburgh, WKBW in Buffalo and CKLW in Canada, KFWB, KRLA and KHJ in Los Angeles, WLS and WCFL in Chicago and many other legendary stations, large markets and small.
    And on one amazing day in 1969, I even managed an hour of listening to KOMA from OKC, sitting in the semi-friendly confines of Tan Son Nhut AB in sunny South Vietnam! SERIOUS skip!
    Ironically, KOMA was a Storz station, as was KXOK in its heyday.
    This website is all about your memories!
** Ninety seconds of video digitized from KXOK Production Director Richard Ward Fatherly's 8mm film. It's a little tour around the Radio Park front yard and some shots of the nattily dressed KXOK softball team. Thanks to Frank Absher for the VHS to DVD transfer.
** KXOK GM Jack Sampson was inducted into the STLMedia Hall Of Fame 7 June 2008. Video is forthcoming. Here's a photo by Larry Hoffman of "the gang" from the afternoon of the event, held at the Chase Park Plaza.
Photo courtesy Larry Hoffman (l-r: Dick Fatherley, Bud Connell, Bill Hopkins, Larry Hoffman, STL Radio historian Frank Absher, Steven B. Stevens and Robert R. Lynn)
   Here's an incredible photo, taken at the gathering, of four STLMedia HOF'ers you never thought you'd see together without handguns. Bill Hopkins, Dick Fatherley, Ron Elz -- the original Johnnie Rabbitt -- and PD Bud Connell; it's their first time together since PD Bud Connell and GM Jack Sampson fired Elz in June 1964 (according to Larry Hoffman), replacing him with Don Pietromonaco.
Bill Hopkins, Dick Fatherley, Ron Elz -- the original Johnnie Rabbitt -- and PD Bud Connell: their first time together since Connell fired Elz in the 60's, replacing him with Don Pietromonaco
** KXOK DJ shows:
   Listen here.
** KXOK--A View From The Top©:
   Watch the award-winning video, filmed during Frank Absher's 2001 KXOK Reunion. Presented exclusively here by permission of the producers and copyright owners.
   View it here.
** Top 40 is 50:
   Memories of Storz stations and their contributions to the Top 40 format since 1954, recorded at the Hereford House Restaurant in Kansas City MO on 11 June 2004, hosted by Richard Ward Fatherley.
   View it here.
   Listen here in MP3.
** The 2001 Reunion:
   Frank Absher's KXOK personality reunion on 22 September 2001. Listen online or download to your computer in MP3:
   Hour 1     Hour 2
** The Johnny Rabbitt Story:
   Richard Ward Fatherley tells the Rabbitt's tale in MP3.
** The 2004 XM SatRad Tribute:
   Terry Young's three-hour tribute to KXOK on 22 October 2004. Listen online or download to your computer in MP3:
   Hour 1     Hour 2     Hour 3
** Richard Ward Fatherley's WHB/Kansas City tribute:
   Listen online or download to your computer in MP3:
   Segment 1     Segment 2     Segment 3     Segment 4

FYI: Top 40 Radio and many currently-used promotional ideas were created at KOWH Omaha by a few very smart radio people when it was owned by Robert Storz and managed by his son, Todd. Todd died in 1964; Robert died in 1992.

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Credits: This website wouldn't have happened without the help, encouragement and donated time, effort and exhibited material from: OldieCarl (Carl E's OBSCURIOS on Live365), Larry Hoffman (Fan, collector, journalist, DDS), Richard Ward Fatherley (KXOK Production Director, WHB Program Director, AdVoice), Don Corey (KSHE, KADI, KIRL, Don Corey Productions), Doug Lyon, Dena Pietromonaco, Bud Connell, Robert R. Lynn, Jonnie King, Bill Hopkins and others.

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