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Top 40 is 50...

The show was called Encore '54...celebrating the 50th birthday of Top 40 Radio, as dated by the Storz calendar of the format's creation. The Hereford House Hollywood Room in Kansas City MO was chock full of radio originators on Friday, June 11, 2004. Watch the video below.

Richard Ward Fatherley: Production Director KXOK, Program Director WHB, and Chairman of Encore '54

Bud W. Connell: Program Director and Operations Manager of KXOK, 1961-1968
Dick Brundage: Head of the Center for Advanced Media Studies in KC and Moderator of Encore '54.
Dr. David MacFarland: The Top 40 Doctor, awarded a PhD in Top 40 Studies in 1972 from the University of Wisconsin.
The Honorable William "Bill" Armstrong: "America's First Teenage Top 40 DJ and PD"...he started at Storz' KOWH Omaha, moved to nights at WTIX New Orleans where he became PD, and then was named PD at WDGY St. Paul...all this between 1954 and 1958.
(L-R) David MacFarland, Bud Connell, Richard Fatherley, Richard Brundage and Bill Armstrong
Mark Foster, an early Top 40 DJ for Gordon McLendon's KLIF in Dallas takes a bow.