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Credits: Johnny Rabbitt airchecks are mostly from the Doug Lyon Collection, edited and digitized by Don Corey. Other airchecks have been contributed by John Dewey and Frank Absher (the Official St. Louis MO Radio Historian). Please report listening problems here.

Photo then
Peter Martin: 02/1961 and 11/1964
Probably recorded at the radio station. "Thank you very large...the Peter Martin Affair"... If you went to school in STL in the early '60's, this will catch your ear. The school closings are unbelievable. Yup, before the days of TV scrolling, interactive phone lines and the Internet, the DJ's actually read the whole shebang LIVE! And let me tell you what an incredible pain in the *** it was! Highlights: News IQ Time, win $1...men don't shave under their arms...Laclede or Red Top Cab, bonded drivers, door to door...the cleaner the tobacco the better it tastes...morning drive Falstaff beer spot...First News First from the KXOK News Terminal by Bill Murphy...Mercantile motor banking and drive-in service...Bettendorf Food Stores...Excelsior-Leader Dry Cleaning, PRospect 1-3960...Last Word Jackpot...Housewives' Holiday...Kookie the weather bird...L&M unlocks the flavor in a filter cigarette...More Music More Often guarantee...
     1961 - Listen here   (33:54)
     1964 - Listen here   (21:49)

Jack Elliot: 02/03/1961
Jack in PM drive...This guy's a fast-talker! This is also probably station-recorded.
Highlights: Climatron Control St. Louis Jet Stream Weather...call Flanders 3-8600 for the Grasso Brothers...two (count 'em) TWO count or ID the music contests at the same time...buy a Suburban Ford Galaxy for $2297...listen for the scratches that indicate spots were played from a record...win a Helbros wristwatch...Downtown STL gives you more than 164 mens' furnishings stores and departments...Mennen Skin Bracer cools rather than burns...kid calls in to win a dollar and loses...light hearted Falstaff beer...only KXOK delivers more music more often, a policy not propaganda...a delightful salty addition to your kids' lunch...GM auto air conditioning locks out dirt and road noise...KXOK's secret name...Valentines to kids in hospitals...starlings removed from the protected list...Nu-Process Brakes...IGA Food Stores' 88-cent jamboree...MG Morris cars just $1297 (mine was bought used for $300 three years later)...Cuticura Soap...KXOK Teen Towns...Happy sounds in Hi-Fi...Jim Warren with News For You from the KXOK News Terminal, live at :55...kill your husband for $215, get 10 years...
     1961 - Listen here   (30:09)

Photo then
Ray Otis: 08/1963, 01/64 and 06/67
All due respect to Ray, but this would not have been the aircheck to send out if he'd been looking for work. Ray was doing his best in what appears to be a "hostile environment": carts that didn't fire, the wrong record plays, the mic's left open a little too long a little too often...all the board op's fault. But hey, we all have bad days! Highlights: Channel 4 News on KMOX-TV at 10PM "doubles" from 10 to 20 minutes...Kent and Lucky Strike cigarette ads...Maull's BBQ Sauce..."one of America's Top 5 radio stations - the home of the gooder guys"...buy a Dodge Dart for $1885...Harry Slyman for Mizzerany Appliances...Keith Morris with the News In Brief: "Dentist Found Dead!"...Steven B. Stevens reporting a news story from The Admiral.
     1963 - Listen here (26:18)  
     1964 - Listen here (20:31)
Four years later, Ray had found his stride (and a better engineer) in AM Drive. Highlights: In the newscast, note the use of home addresses of crime victims and perps and the blatant use of station promotional info...Music To Watch Girl's By, the Diet Pepsi theme that eventually became a hit record...Lou Cooley in the KXOK Traffic Car...Beneficial Finance wants to lend you money for your vacation, up to $2500 (if you're within the sound of my voice there's a Beneficial Office near you)...Contac's tiny time pills tame Summer colds...Pall Mall smokes and Falstaff "glass can" beer ads...the American Exposition '67 Fun Fair...Diet Rite Cola...Kodak Instamatic cameras with flashcube for less than $20...Robert R. Lynn, KXOK News, on the wars in Israel and Vietnam..."That's what I said, Bunny Bread!"
     1967 -- Listen here (31:54)

Photo 2001
William A. Hopkins: 07/29/1966 and 11/09/1967
Highlights: Bill Addison says call in those news tips to Forest 1-5965...Ray Otis from Merollis Chevrolet in Baden...1972 is the target date to get "all these expressways" completed...win choice seats to see the Beatles by unscrambling these Beatle hits...Firestone Tires, where the rubber meets the road...Lou Cooley traffic with "payday" traffic...Raceway Park, Pacific MO, take Route 66 West...Downtown St. Louis gives you more...payola disclaimer...St. Charles Speedway...Chickenman...The Inset Shop offers Bobbie Brooks styles for Juniors and Junior Petites.
     1966 - Listen here (38:17)

Highlights: Drivers' Seat Game...buy your okra and stewed tomatoes at AG...a Silly Millimeter Longer, 101's...KXOK 20-20 Weather and News...Stag Beer, one of the rare golden beers...the KXOK basketball All-Stars...Stix, Baer & Fuller Teen-Talk-Ins...The KXOK Turkey Shoot: call in from exchanges Wydown, Axminster and Deerfield..."are you still watching black and white television?"...Great Shakes, so creamy, so thick and dreamy...the Poplar Street Bridge opened at noon this day, with about 100,000 vehicles eventually expected to use it daily...Noxema Thera-Blem...Steven B. Stevens in Israel, reporting on the war there...ALSAC show promo...Wink sparkles like a liquid diamond...Mehlville Mizzerany...Kroger Thanksgiving turkey at 29 cents a pound...Castles-Wilson Buick & Opel...St. Louis Hawks have the night off...Cornhusker's Lotion...Coffee Think Minute
     1967 - Aircheck missing...can you help? (31:38)

Nick Charles: 07/29/1966
Wow. Nick in the midday, laid back for "Housewife Time" with plenty of news and promotions (including free tickets to the August 21st Beatles concert at Busch Memorial Stadium)...and commercials (all presented intact)! Bob Shea and Bill Addison with news and sports. Nick Charles was inducted into the STLRadio Hall of Fame in 2004.
     Listen here:  Part 1 (12:24)     Part 2 (14:19)

Keith Morris: 6/05/1967
Highlights: coming.
     Listen here:  Part 1 (10:11)     Part 2 (11:01)
     Listen here:  Part 1 (16:27)     Part 2 (19:48)

Don Pietromonaco as "Your Rabbitt"
Runnin' With The Rabbitt...
Here are memories of his "Rabbitt Years" from STL radio veteran Jonnie King (currently with Bonneville's WSSM, Smooth Jazz 106.1FM). Jonnie was close with Don Pietromonaco "back in the day," remained his friend until Don's untimely death, remains friends to this day with Don's grown children and is uniquely qualified to present these personal memories of the Don Pietromonaco/Johnny Rabbitt years in STL.
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Rabbitt tracks...
This is a lost treasure. It's a sales presentation custom-made to try to draw Pepsi and their products into exclusive sponsorship of the Johnny Rabbitt show. The entire show was recorded off-air to make the sale. Way back, this kind of thing was recorded on reel-to-reel tape...the occasional "muddiness" you hear in the audio was more than likely caused by the master tape being left close to a magnetic source, like a bulk tape eraser or a speaker. Jonnie King has narrowed the date of production down to late April/early May 1966.
     Listen here  (11:28)

January 25, '67: The day after the Winter tornado.
     Listen here  (10:19)

Exact date unknown, probably Spring '67: Jeff Hendrickson says the time is seven o'clock...Vandevert's...Pick hit of the week...Blab it to the Rabbitt...Pierced ears, $2.50-$8...Bonus word=48 hours...Bob Kuban in The Post...Sports report...Make it or break it...16 Magazine live spot...Johnny Rabbitt Bunny Hop with Walter Scott...Delcia Devon spot...Jeff Hendrickson sports...Make It Or Break It...Tackle Medicated Clear Gel...Boyd's Shoes...Schlitz Beer spot...Delcia for Helena Rubenstein at Famous...Pet Clark sings for Coke...Well's Jewelery, $1.50-$20...Stan Kenton for Craig 4-Track Car Stereo...Bruno finally checks in...Vandevoort's Inset Shop...Pick Hit Of The Week...Bruno's Bat Cave...EV9-1133...Pepsi Pours It On, 8 for 6...Casino Royale movie spot...Jeff Hendrickson sports...
     Listen here:  Part 1 (10:31)    Part 2 (11:53)    Part 3 (10:39)

April 27th and 28th, '67 Whaddya do when the PD of your station allegedly hates your sidekick (whether real, imagined or pre-recorded)? In the sixties you got him drafted and sent off to the Army. That's supposedly what PD Mort Crowley "ordered" Johnny Rabbitt to do...here are Bruno's "final" shows, in three parts over two nights, on KXOK. Did it really happen?
     Listen here:  Part 1  (13:58)   Part 2  (14:10)   Part 3  (10:42)

March '68: Not an aircheck (recorded off the air) but a studio recording of an on-air show, probably to be used to shop Don's show for jobs at other stations. By this time he was certainly looking for other employment. It's amazing how different the show sounds without audio processing thru the transmitter and inside your radio... Highlights: Bob Dylan, Donovan and Joan Baez ad for the movie Don't Look Back...Cub Pack 281's Balloon Launch...Christy Goodman wins a date with Bruno, including dinner at the Chesire Inn and ice cream at Cyrano's...Cub Scout Danny McGrath calls in from the balloon launch...bonus word="you're all wet"...Make It or Break It...Revlon Blotting Powder...lengthy interview with Loretto Hilton Center "Shakespeare for Youth" director
     Listen here  (16:01)

July '68: Thanks to Bill Donnell of Rogers AR for researching newscast info to narrow the date down.
     Listen here  (13:27)

July '68: This is said to be Don Pietromonaco's last show on KXOK. Don't know if that's true, but we do know that this is the last station-recorded aircheck before Don left KXOK to return to Phoenix AZ.
     Listen here  (10:02)

Bruno's Bat Cave was at the intersection of Goodfellow and West Florissant!
FOrest 7-6002 was an early contest line
Blab it to the Rabbit: FOrest 1-8200 or EXpress 7-5965 from the East Side

Other audio...
KXOK Jingle package -- unknown producer and package number, it's presented here cut-by-cut as MP3 audio.
KXOK jingles
KXOK redone on XM SatRad -- Late in 2004, XM Satellite Radio's Terry Young
did a tribute to KXOK, using original jingles, commercials and era-specific music. Terry's a great jock, in the "old dog" way, and did the station's memory proud. Here, finally, are links to the show. They're long...about an hour or more each...and set up as MP3 files. They're presented here through the courtesy of XM and Art Vuolo, "Radio's Best Friend", who also offers these audio tracks (and videos too!) for sale on CD, VHS and DVD.
KXOK-XM1 (1:20)    KXOK-XM2 (1:20)    KXOK-XM3 (1:11)
KXOK Reunion Live Forum -- recorded by Entertainment & Video Consultants at the 2001 KXOK Reunion, these segments were digitized and provided by Dennis Dailey and are presented here with his kind permission. Each is just under an hour in length and is presented here as MP3 audio.
(Part 1 - 57:00)   (Part 2 - 57:28)
Johnny Rabbitt Tribute -- produced by Richard Ward Fatherley for the 2001 KXOK Reunion. Hosted at Ricky Irwin's reelradio.com, THE ultimate repository for historic Top 40 airchecks.
The Todd Storz Story -- Fatherley and Ray Otis produced this documentary in 1998 about the man who literally created Top 40 radio. KXOK was a Storz Station, the last purchased and the last sold. This is also hosted at reelradio.com.