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Management and staff --
Todd Storz --
This is the guy who pretty much invented Top 40 Radio, the guy who Gordon McLendon, Bill Drake and all the rest copied and enhanced. Todd Storz is the guy who taught us to smile when we talked, keep our comments brief and pithy (way before Bill O'Reilly ever heard the word) and play the hits and, fer goodness' sake, keep the music list short! And, no, the legend of the barroom discovery is just not true. Apocryphal and appealing, yes, but untrue. Read more about him here or do a search on his name at reelradio.com and listen to examples of the work he inspired.
Bud Armstrong --
George W. "Bud" Armstrong was the last president of Storz Broadcasting, and led KOWH/Omaha, WTIX/New Orleans and WHB/Kansas City to massive shares in the Hooper radio surveys during the 1950's. He ran the business side of Storz during the glory years and was responsible for liquidating the group in the early 80's with KXOK/St. Louis the last property sold. Armstrong passed away in October of 2003. Read more about him here, including an article reflecting his philosophies from a 1964 issue of Broadcasting Magazine.
Jack Sampson --
Jack S. Sampson succeeded Chet Thomas as GM of Storz' KXOK St. Louis. He entered radio as a sales rep for WHB in Kansas City, when the station was owned by the Cook Paint and Varnish Company. Shortly after Storz bought WHB, in 1954, he became Sales Manager. In 1958 he was appointed GM of the Storz Oklahoma City station, KOMA, and in 1964 he was transferred to KXOK as VP/GM. Under Sampson's guidance, the station became one of Storz' top billers and by 1966 KXOK was one of America's Top 5 most-listened-to radio stations. In the 1970's, Jack became owner-operator of a group of highly successful radio stations in the Wichita KS region.
Bud Connell --
Bud was Todd Storz' programming protegé and created the KXOK sound. Bud is a member of the St. Louis Radio Hall of Fame and you can read his bio and accomplishments there. Through the careers of many "Baby Boomer" jocks Bud was always a guy you needed to send an aircheck to, just in case one of his client stations had an opening. He was a guy you actually wanted to have as a consultant, because he could make you a better jock and make your station shine. Currently, he's involved in consultation and television production with his BCTV company.
Ray Otis --
Ray Otis came to KXOK in 1962 from Cleveland OH and in 1964 was named Program Director. Ray created ideas unique at the time to KXOK, including a regularly scheduled radio-telephone interview with STL Mayor A.J. Cervantes (direct from Hizzonner's limousine), promotion of an attempt by man-about-town Lou Cooley to set a speedboat record down the Mississippi to New Orleans and the creation of a station basketball team to play at charitable events. Ray was also the guy who discovered Don Pietromonaco and brought him to KXOK, where Don became the definitive Johnny Rabbitt. Otis' big voice and convincing style made him one of the most believable and recognizable voices in STL radio history. Check out Ray's website, including voiceover demos.
Peter Martin --
Jim Irwin (aka Peter Martin) was one of the biggest voices ever on St. Louis radio. He came to KXOK in 1954 from Mt. Vernon IL and became a top-rated listening favorite in the mid-day, eventually moving into sales and station management. He was appointed Station Manager of KOMA in Oklahoma City and then assumed the same position at the Storz flagship, WHB in Kansas City. Jim passed away in the 1980's.
John Corrigan --
John Corrigan was KXOK's Merchandising Specialist, who gave KXOK advertisers more than they had bargained for, pretty much creating the concept of non-traditional revenue. One example (and remember this was the 1960's): John had KXOK listeners call in to sing the Oscar Meyer jingle (with lyrics published on the back of the SingAlong Survey); winners received $6.30 and an "Oscar". The station won most, if not all, of the Oscar Meyer ad budget for the market. The hot dog budget for St. Louis in the 1960's may not seem like much today but Corrigan's "added value" and "NTR" concepts have become the war cry of the new millenium.
Richard Ward Fatherley --
Fatherley joined KXOK as Director of Production from a radio station in the NorthEast, to be in charge of all the "in between" elements that make the disparate parts of a radio station a single, flowing entity. "Your Fatherley Friend" was also a fill-in DJ as needed at KXOK and created many of the production pieces that made the Don Pietromonaco/Johnny Rabbitt show fun to listen to between 1964 and 1969. Richard moved on to become PD of co-owned WHB in Kansas City and is now a significant contributor to this website. His great, booming voice happily resounds to this day in his free-lance work.
Bonus embarassing photo --
Richard Ward Fatherley looks a little more grand-Fatherley these days (photo current Summer 2003)...but don't we all?