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Johnny Rabbitt belongs to KXOK, Judge Declares...
from the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, July 12, 1964

Radio station WIL was ordered yesterday to discontinue presentation of the Johnny Rabbitt Show and the use of the voice of Harvey The Hare on the program.

The order, issued by US District Judge James H. Meredith, applied also to disc jockey Ronald Elz, who formerly conducted the show on station KXOK.

Judge Meredith ruled that KXOK had an apparently valid registered trademark for the program and the sound effects. Continued use by WIL might tend to confuse and mislead listeners who followed the program, he said.

Elz testified that he originated the show and sound effects on KXOK in April 1962 and presented it through April 1964, when KXOK obtained the trademark. He left the station at the end of June and began presenting the program on WIL.

Elz said that Johnny Rabbitt was his professional name and that he felt it was permissible to take it with him when he switched stations. The order will remain in effect until a hearing is held on a permanent injunction on October 19th.

(Historical note: the trademark claim was upheld, but in 1975 Storz relinquished the copyright, and Ron Elz began using the name once again.)