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Music surveys, ratings and backside ads...
Note: Some of these documents are pretty old and the original colors have faded, some were printed originally on VERY thin paper. I've dropped out the background color on some to enhance legibility. They're presented here as best we can. Enjoy! Co-curator OldieCarl is wearing his two typing fingers to the bone entering the data from the posted surveys and he's putting them online here.

In the 60's, it was the "Sing Along Survey", complete with lyrics on the back! Note the length of some of the playlists: almost 50 songs! And note the diversity of the music played...that was what Top 40 was all about. Even Bruno and Harvey got their "photos" on the sheet...but who had bigger hair: Bruno J. or KX-OK's Kay?
June 6, 1964    December 5, 1964    July 17, 1965    August 27, 1966    February 11, 1967
February 25, 1967    July 8, 1967    August 19, 1967
Selected exhibits from the Larry Hoffman and Mike Bearman Collections

By the end of 1965, it looked like WIL (AM 1430) was a beaten egg. WIL's year-end compilation was placed in record stores and distributed as a mimeographed two-sheet. Here's the "Young American Top 50" for 1965.
From the Larry Hoffman Collection

By the late 1960's, the survey had taken on that "Love Power" look. The on-air playlist had been trimmed to about 30 songs and the jocks had hipper hair and names. The published playlist kept the Bookmark name but became The Powerhouse. And note the "Based in part on actual record sales" disclaimer. Half-a-dozen surveys per year or so will pretty much cover the bases.
'69: March 8      June 14      June 28      December 27
'70: January 17      March 28      August 8      August 22      December 19
'71: January 23      May 15      July 17      August 7
'72: July 15      July 22      August 12      November 4      Top 63
'73: January 13      March 17      April 14     July 14      October 13
Selected exhibits from the Larry Hoffman Collection

The 1970's were pre-Arbitron days. The company (American Research Bureau) that would go on to dominate the radio ratings industry was still being challenged by Hooper and Pulse. KXOK published this Pulse sales brochure in 1973 (probably done on an IBM Selectric typewriter with the able assistance of a Xerox copier and a touch of Scotch Tape): Pulse p.1  Pulse p.2   Pulse p.3  Pulse p.4
From the Larry Hoffman Collection

Through the years, every music list had an ad on the flip. Here are some of the best backsides:
60's: '64 Elvis movie   '69 Mid-America Raceway   '69 Energizer Batteries
        '67 Red Barn Chicken  '67 Drags and slacks  '66 Esterbrook felt tips
'70: Beat the Frizzies   Kas Chips   Northland Center  RC Cola
'71: Wehmueller Jewelers   Groom'n'Clean
'72: Sears Junior Shop   American Beauty Spaghetti   Union Jack
'73: Lemon Frog   South County Center   Santana Concert/Arena   Auto Show/Kiel
      MultiScrub   CreditThrift   Stridex   Fotomat   Bohemian Savings
      Mavrakos Candies  
Selected exhibits from the Larry Hoffman Collection